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Name: Somit Aich & family Posted On : 04-Jan-2011
Address : SAIL, Bhilai, Chattisgarh.
Comments :

Cherrapunjee rocks! That’s what immediately comes to my mind. Mind boggling limestone caves (the best I have seen), the fab climate  and the oh! so good hills. Lovely. Reminds me of Robert frost – oh the woods are lovely dark and deep and there are miles before I sleep. The trekking was what seed like do, but only while we were climbing up. The root bridge is awesome and again the best I have ever seen—this time though because there are at none other place in the world. Cherra rocks.

   And coming to the resort, I can bet many more shall have my recommendation- awesome!!! Away from the city, atop the wonderful hilltop amidst the serene jungles. I would definitely love to come back.

   The hospitality is real home like—its indeed a home away from home—the dining table, the bonfire it all makes up such a family environment that only has to be seen to to be believed.

   A real ideal destination for those who love nature and life—Cherra rocks

And Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort rocks eve more.

   Would love to come back again and again. With lots of love and laughter.

Name: Kabir & Ruby Bora Posted On : 12-Jun-2010
Address : Guwahati, Assam
Comments :

Hi! It was really a pleasant experience to stay at your resort. I appreciate the idea of yours of promoting the root bridges pf this locality. The experience of watching the frequent changing phenomenon of the clouds is unforgettable. It is really a pleasant stay. I look forward to come here again. Thanks for your hospitality.

Name: I.A.Chelladurai Posted On : 15-May-2010
Address : Chennai
Comments :

Hi! I would say, in and around of Cherrapunjee is gifted by God, most beautiful location which I have seen in my life. Coming to this place and going out is completely refreshing session for mind and health. The service is too good.

Name: Dorothy Elton & Walter Prokopin Posted On : 06-Jan-2010
Address : Canada
Comments :

   Beautiful mountains and fresh air- walks to the very impressive root bridges (the wire bridges too!) and of course walking through the local villages made for a most agreeable stop for Wally and I. Thanks to Rita for delicious tea in her shop in Mustoh. Also Lum village was a great example of productive organic vegetable farming (cattle dung is the ‘only’ fertilizer used I hear- Great!)


   As for Cherrapunjee Resort – you have created a comfy, kindly oasis. Your family and attentive staff makes every effort to make a homely, neighbourly atmosphere.

The food from your kitchen is delicious and I enjoyed the local music gathering in the evening. (Building ‘connections’ with local community is a good thing.)


   Thanks for a fine time indeed. I sensed a ‘human feeling’ here  which makes the world a better place.

Name: Aniruan Chaudhuri Posted On : 26-Dec-2009
Address : Kolkata
Comments :

 The experience was just mind blowing. The beautiful nature outside just complimented the warmth and the hospitality we experienced inside. My comments can be summarised in form of a series of thanks.


- For superb rooms- made us very comfortable

- For the good food and service – we had our fill of it

- For not having TV in the rooms – we talked to each other

- For not having a clock in the room – we forgot routine.

- For the superb musical show- We danced to the tune.

- For the Christmas party- we celebrated to the hilt.


And finally, thanks for making a lasting contribution to the lives of so many in and around this place.

Wish to come back. again and go for the trek we missed this time.

Name: Steven Campbell & Gillian Eunson Posted On : 19-Dec-2009
Address : Scotland
Comments :

We've had one of the best experiences so far in our Indian trip. We were well taken care of and felt very comfortable the whole time; it was was just like being at home!

You are a very lovely bunch of people who we are glad to have met. Your hospitality was like no other. We have experienced, very honest and with a genuine friendliness towards your guests. If time in life permits then it would be a great pleasure to return to this wonderful place. Our friends and family will hopefully join us as well. Many thanks again. 

P.S. I forgot to mention the food!! Amazing! Thanks for letting us eat your food! Lovely, fresh and tasty!! And thank you so much to all the staff!!

Name: Dr. Satish & Simitha Naik Posted On : 28-Feb-2009
Address : Mumbai
Comments :
 Wow! For the first time in many years I experienced the real silence, almost to the tune of wondering whether I have gone deaf. Frankly I never expected anything like this when our car was negotiating the slopes. In fact, I was cursing myself for the decision of coming down here. But once I was in your resort, all that was behind. It was totally an unexpected bonus which was furthered by your approach, your attitude and lovely nature. I promise to return with friends. I cannot be selfish not to share it with others. Thank you profusely for doing all this for us. May God bless you.

Name: Kaj, Tove, Besta, Mette & Simon Posted On : 21-Feb-2009
Address : Denmark
Comments :
 Thank you for all the wonderful week at the resort. We were looking for a place for our daughter to play and we could relax away from the usual crowded Indian cities. And that was exactly what we found. We all enjoyed the good food and will try some of the recipes at home. The service was excellent and we feel we should pay something extra for the 5 nannies who played with our daughter everyday and gave her goodies in the kitchen. Of course the natural beauty of the place, the sweet oranges and fairytales like root bridges also are a great experience as did the warm hearted hospitality of the people around here. Hope you will continue to do your important & preservative work here.

Name: Dave Stamboulis Posted On : 26-Apr-2008
Address : Bangtok, Thailand
Comments :
 The trek back from the Double Decker Bridge is a GRUNT. But the swimming pools are worth it even more then the bridge & the villages. You will be in the most silent & pristine place in India! Lots of great home cooked food at the resort and a very nice place to forget about the madness on the plains below. Wishing you all the very best of success with your local village tourism efforts.

Name: Melanie Horridge Posted On : 10-Apr-2007
Address : Southport, England, UK.
Comments :
 All the stresses and strains of backpacking in India and Bangladesh, melt away on arriving and exploring this beautiful area. The Scot Trail is worthwhile if the steep walks get too much. Also the new tarmac road is a great walk to view the ‘rock garden’ and Bangladesh. If you want lots of cheese in your sandwich, ask for “English Sandwich”. The salads are great whether fruit with curd, or vegetable salad. The root bridges are a must, a guide is recommended but not absolutely necessary. I will return in the beginning of April in some years to come. When the rains come first is probably the best time as the steep step walks are not slippery. Last, but not least, a special big thank you to Carmela and Denis – also the staff – for the most enjoyable part of my 3 month travels

Name: Mark Robert Ward & Pema Leilani Kyndiah-Ward Posted On : 14-Feb-2007
Address : Shillong, Meghalaya & Melbourne, Australia
Comments :
 Our second stay here at Cherra Resort. My daughter's decision to return and a wise one at that! Denis and Carmela, lovely Christian folk who really take care of their guests. 

The trekking a challenge & so enjoyable. The open fire a delight in the night. The meals like true home cooking. The rooms comfortable and spacious & perfect for yoga & meditation. 

Thanks once again. You are the perfect hosts. 

Name: Peter Jeschke Posted On : 08-Jan-2007
Address : Montecito, CA, USA
Comments :
 What a wonderful discovery! We came for the day and ended up spending the night. Our gracious hosts worked overtime to get our room’s construction projects finished. A grand walk down many steps to a Living Root Bridge. An evening stroll through the village. A morning walk to a tea shop in Mawshamok, watching the clouds bank over Bangladesh out one window and the sun filling the deep green gorge out the other window. Such peace and quiet except for the jungle birds. We’ll be back.

Name: Mr.Shashidhar P.Bhave,Mr.Gopal V. Lele,Mr.Madhukar N. Joshi,Mr.Digambar H. Shool, Mr.Parshram G. Bha Posted On : 07-Nov-2006
Address : Maharashtra, India
Comments :
 We have enjoyed our stay very much. Everything was looked after by both of you very minutely. 

The arrangement made for the treks was excellent. If the guides are more conversant with Hindi & English it will add value to the treks. They should be able to explain about the trees, any myths about the place etc. 

The food served here is good. Staff is friendly, polite & hospitable. 

We will remember the stay for a long time. We wish you every success. Our group is visiting all seven states in this tour. 

Now you can add to your experience that people from our country (Maharashtra) within the age group of 63 to 75 have successfully completed the two Living Root Bridge treks easily

Mr.Shashidhar P.Bhave - 72 years YOUNG
Mobile 094210 – 16186 
Mr.Gopal V. Lele – 75 years YOUNG 
Mr.Madhukar N. Joshi – 70 years YOUNG 
Phone (020) 2426 8141 
Mr.Digambar H. Shool – 70 years YOUNG 
Phone (020) 2422 2892
Mr.Parshram G. Bhave – 63 years YOUNG 
Phone (020) 2546 4870 

A Word from us at CHR:

In the last six years of operation, this has been the first group of elders that we have encountered here in our work who were really young in their body and mind. Their indomitable spirit needs to be imbibed by the younger generation, the middle aged and the elderly. Theirs is an example for those who are bogged down by their self exaggerated physical infirmities and shackled in chains of their own making. These elders had retired from their jobs, but have not retired from their lives and were making the best of their age. It had been my privilege to personally take them on a new trail involving a climb down hill of about 2000 feet plus and up, and down and up two vales, covering a distance of 18 to 20 km. I was amazed at the lack of complaining despite one of them finding the climb a bit hard on him. They were not eager to take breaks, but were pushing ahead on and on. On reaching the top after a five and half hour trek, though they were exhausted, they were ready to start on their journey to Guwahati by vehicle (100 km that takes 3 hours) immediately after a cup of tea and light snacks. We will remember for our lifetime such great people. I am putting up this note because we have seen many young people (domestic tourists) who have complained bitterly even to do the moderate trek to the nearest Living Root Bridge. May these energetic elders remain an inspiration to many. 

Denis P.Rayen

Name: Susanne Rettig & Bernhard Mittenhuber Posted On : 01-Nov-2006
Address : Molln, Austria
Comments :
 We had a very peaceful and relaxed stay at this beautiful spot! I feel reluctant to go back to the city... 

The "Living Roots-trek" was one of our best travel experiences, great landscape, awesome tribal technique and welcoming local people. And the map provided by Mr.Denis makes sure you won't get lost but still have the adventure to go by your own! 

Also, Mr.& Mrs. Denis are a great source of information about the local environment and Khasi culture, combined with their open minds it's a pleasure to talk to them. Wish we could stay for longer.... 

All the best to you, your family and your new projects. 

Name: Parthasarathy Sen Posted On : 07-Oct-2006
Address : Howrah, West Bengal
Comments :

It was indeed a memorable trip. As I am forced to retreat from my planned sojourn, we are really feeling sorry for this. What makes this resort memorable to me and to my family – can be listed as per following:

1.Unique location – away from crowd.

2.No Star Value and homely ambience.

3.The sound of crickets as if there are numerous temples throughout this route of journey.

4.The scenic view.

5.Above all your constant vigil, warmth & hospitality is the hallmark of your personality.

This will definitely lead me to visit again with my family for we truly have enjoyed our stay. See you again. 

Name: Prof. Mahfuza Rahman & Prof. Pradip Sharma & the Dept of Geography Posted On : 20-Aug-2006
Address : Cotton College, Guwahati.
Comments :
 Came here with our students from Geography Department, Cotton College. The visit was short but memorable. We were all one with nature. The trekking to the Living Root Bridge was thrilling yet so peaceful. A must for all. Efforts put in by Mr.Denis is commendable and we wish him success in all his endeavours to promote tourism in Meghalaya and in the bargain generating employment for the poor. Hats off to you. One needs to see to believe it. 

We'll come back again and talk about it to all our friends. We are with you!

We talk but here is ACTION
Thank you.

Name: Katherine Posted On : 03-Aug-2006
Address : Michigan, USA
Comments :
 Dear Mr.Denis and staff at Cherra Resort, 
Thank you very much for your welcome and hospitality. Building a resort here is a wonderful idea, it is so beautiful, serene, calm and peaceful. We loved the yellow signs that led up to the resort, it made the way here quite entertaining. The hike to the double root bridge was magnificient, although not the safest during this time of the year. Thank you though for encouraging us to visit those places. We had wonderful guides - Bah Edil & Bah Ris, they were wonderful, thoughtful and entertaining people. - we are thankful for the opportunity to get to know them. Please extend our wishes and gratitude to them. The food and service was so good. Your staff members are so helpful and warm. Please convey our gratitude to them as well. We wish you the very best, we hope that more people will come to know and appreciate this corner of the world. (Also thank you for your effort to keep this place so clean) Thank you very much. 

P.S. Thank you also to the individuals who expressed concern over me being sick. That really helped me to feel at home. 

Name: Mr.Raghabendra Mazumdar & Dr. Nabanita Devi Mazumdar Posted On : 21-Jul-2006
Address : Guwahati
Comments :
 Dear Mr.Denis, 
We had a very nice time in staying at your homely resort. We really appreciate your hospitality. Of course we enjoyed the bath in the waterfall. We will surely come again and be sure that my colleagues will visit you in the near future. Thanks. 

Name: Alison Eastwood Posted On : 11-Jul-2006
Address : United Kingdom
Comments :
 Thank you for such a lovely time. From the moment we arrived we have been well looked after, with the staff being professional and helpful at all times. Really enjoyed the food and especially enjoyed the evening entertainment from the local band. Had we known what a fantastic place this would be, we would have planned our trip differently and stayed longer. Leaving here happy and relaxed - a real highlight in our 3 month tour of India. 

Thank you to everyone for making this a memorable and enjoyable stay and all the best for the future. 

Name: Mridul Phookan, Consultant Posted On : 08-Jul-2006
Address : AMPM travels, Guwahati
Comments :
 Dear Denis, 
I salute your endeavors to promote Cherrapunjee to the World map of tourism. Your different projects are unique. 

You have well guided your resort from Shillong, by roadside directions. Both the roads to the resort, one by the side of Mawmluh cement factory and other through Mawlong village are very thrilling and enjoyable. 

The warm welcome by your aides, the Khasi ladies gave us the impression of HOME AWAY FROM HOME. Foods were excellent and available as per the menu. We got the impression that, your kitchen is always ready to prepare as per the requirements of the visitors. 

We enjoyed our trek to the Living Root Bridge (single) a lot. Only due to your encouragements my wife accompanied me with our 5 years son for the trekking. 

The guide maps are well defined. It is worth mentioning about the walking sticks, boots of different size you are keeping for unseasoned travelers or trekkers. 

The six-roomed, Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is in perfect harmony with the present 'eco-system' (refer to your project on eco-tourism), [PS: a bigger lodge will accommodate a large number of tourists, but the ecosystem will be in 'threat' ??? ]. 

During our two days stay at CHR, we enjoyed a lot and every moment we spent there is worth mentioning. To promote and encourage the local youth to present the local music and songs is a very good effort. 

The sunset views were very memorable and we enjoyed every moment. The color of clouds & the sky changed every moment and it was difficult to draw the views in canvas. 

I imagine, in your last few years in CHR you have enjoyed the Nature, sky, rain, clouds, lots and lots. 

I will be happy to be a part of your projects and promoting Cherrapunjee and CHR. 

Name: Alok Mehta Posted On : 08-Jul-2006
Address : Koomtai Tea Estate
Comments :
 The hospitality of the owner & staff was fantastic.
The simplicity of the people in the area makes one to believe in people once again. 
The beauty of the place is mind boggling & I am quite tempted to come for a romantic holiday. 
The rooms should NEVER BE PROVIDED WITH TV - that will change the atmosphere. 
I will definitely recommend the place very profoundly to my friends in India & abroad. 

Name: Jerry S. Cajee & Anjana S. Wahlang Posted On : 23-Jun-2006
Address : Shillong
Comments :
 A Jewel of the North East – Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort. Our stay has been a very memorable one because of mainly two reasons: The food, ambience, the hospitality of the staff has been excellent. This has proved beyond a doubt that Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort under the leadership of Mr. Denis is leading the way to providing Tourists with with a home away from home. 

This is our first outing as husband and wife & it will always be cherished. 

All the best Mr.Denis Rayen. 

(Note: Mr. Jerry S. Cajee had worked in a responsible position in Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation at Shillong for quite sometime.)

Name: Jassi Posted On : 29-May-2006
Address : Institute of Happiness, Baroda
Comments :
 It was a sheer delight to visit your resort. The amazing facts are many. First, you have kept the resort spotless (no moss, no smelling carpets, no peeling walls). Second, the hospitality of all the members of the resort is very cordial, polite & efficient. Three cheers to the ‘kongs’. (Khasi word for sister). Third, the weather keeps the spirits alive for a breathtaking, fresh stay. 

It is a gigantic task (we are sure) to keep the good work going. Keep up the good work. You have really made us proud by keeping your promise of a lovely stay. 
Happily Yours. 

Name: Raina Family, Rohit & Monica Posted On : 22-May-2006
Address : DLF, Gurgaon
Comments :
 Dear Sir, 
The warmth and personal touch to everything at Cherrapunjee Resort was an experience in itself. Your complete involvement and dedication to this enterprise is inspiring for us youngsters. Hope we too can imbibe atleast 50% of the spirit. 

As we made an entry to the Resort on 18/05/2006 one thing pretty noticeable was the absence of the 'GLAMOUR QUOTIENT' we get to see in other resorts these days. But probably the enriching experience here besides the locale was the way you and your staff functions. Probably by stepping up certain factors in terms of changing curtains etc. would be 'sone pe suhaga' (Hindi meaning - more excellent than gold.) 

Name: P.S. & Navraj Bhatia Family Posted On : 20-May-2006
Address : Alaknanda, New Delhi
Comments :
 Dear Sir, 
Thank you very much for giving us the most exhilarating experience of our life. We also want to thank you for giving us a chance to inculcate the spirit of adventure in our children. Thanks to you, our little daughter of five years could accomplish the biggest feat of her life of trekking down 2,500 feet in the hills for the most incredible experience of seeing the living root bridges. We are taking with us fond memories of the warmth and hospitality of you and your staff. The food was excellent and service too good. We wish and pray to God to give you more strength and perseverance to see your dreams come true. 
Warm Regards

Name: Sonja & Torsten Posted On : 13-Mar-2006
Address : Germany
Comments :
 Wir verbrachten 3 wundervolle Tage im Cherra-Resort - Cherrapunjee und dieses Resort ist ein Geheimtip fuer eine Indienreise: von Shillong in ca 2h zu erreichen, in 1000m Hoehe, umgeben von einzigartiger Landschaft (Tafelberge, tiefe Taeler, wilde Fluesse, Dschungel) und mit Blick auf die Bangladesch-Ebene. Das Hotel ist ein liebevoll gefuehrter Familienbetrieb, mit fairen Preisen fuer den gebotenen Standard. Das Essen ist ebenfalls sehr gut. Von hier aus lassen sich verschiedene Wanderungen unternehmen (wenige Stunden bis Tagestour), z.B. zu abgelegenen Dschungeldoerfen, nur zu erreichen ueber schmale Waldpfade und Bruecken aus Wurzeln von Ficus elastica (ein Baum). Informationen und Wegbeschreibungen werden zur Verfuegung gestellt. Wanderungen sind mit oder ohne Guide moeglich. Ein echtes Highlight unserer Reise!! 

Name: Gillian Kennedy Posted On : 25-Feb-2006
Address : Sydney, Australia
Comments :
 Dear Denis, Carmela and all at this lovely & relaxing oasis, I wasn’t sure what to expect before I came to Cherrapunjee, but what I found by far exceeded my expectations. Your hospitality and generosity is much appreciated – adding to the whole experience of this beautiful place. I will leave here with the memory of one of my favourite holidays to date – and with the news of this amazing experience for others to enjoy in the future. Many thanks. Lovely butterflies live here

Name: The Ramans & Ravi Rajus Posted On : 07-Jan-2006
Address : England & Bangalore
Comments :
 This is a beautiful hideaway, a place to come and escape from it all …. Read … write a book perhaps. The hospitality was second to none, and I always love to see a place run by husband and wife…home from home …. Fantastic food. The Root Bridge was fantastic…. Something you only see in an Indiana Jones movie in the UK. On top of everything….. a great climate in these parts. Thank you for the legends around the Campfire, these little touches that make all the difference. Thanks to having us to stay

Name: Calcutta International School Posted On : 22-Dec-2005
Address : Kolkata
Comments :
 This place was Cloud 9! So far we have gone to 4 other resorts, and this was the best. Thank You so much. 

Name: Mrs.& Mr. Shiv Garg Posted On : 16-Dec-2005
Address : Dehradun
Comments :
 Dear Mrs. & Mr. Denis & people of Cherra Resort, We are actually taking back some lovely time memories and experiences. To be true, Cherrapunjee and your resort met our expectations and we would soon plan out next visit here again. We came here on our honeymoon and we actually felt as if we are on moon with our honey. Best wishes. 

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