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Geocache Treasure Hunts
I was introduced to Geocaching by my friend Martin Kramolis from Prague, Czech Republic in November 2006, when I had gone along with him to locate the first geocache in North East India at Cherrapunjee. Martin was the first to discover that Cache. We have many trekking routes that have ideal spots for installing geocaches. We intend to create more geocaches with the active participation of our guests to provide the opportunity and fun for others to go on treasure hunts to enrich their holidays and treks. We invite you to come and create geocaches here. To learn more about the sport of geocaching please log on to http://www.geocaching.com.

In November 2007, we prepared geo-cache treasures and Martin Kramolis and his newly married wife Jitka Masopustova established the following Geo-Caches.  We invite you to come and discover these Geo-Caches and add more fun to your treks and your holidays.  All you need is to bring your GPS and of course something, a novelty or coin to put in the geo-caches when you take out something out of these geo-caches.

Green Canyon Panorama

N 25° 13.169’

E 91° 38.240’

Double Decker Root Bridge

N 25° 15.089’

E 91° 40.301’

1st Geocaching Monument in India

N 25° 14.571’

E 91° 41.232’  

Nohkalikai Falls

N 25° 16.247’

E 91° 41.358’

Happy Geo-Caching!

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