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Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort is a family run Nature Resort, promoted as a Family Holiday Destination.  The focus is on the abundant scenic beauty all around the Resort, the benevolence of the Asian Summer Monsoon on Cherrapunjee, the enchanting and challenging Nature Treks in this amazing terrain, the Living Root Bridges including the unique Double Decker Root Bridge, which are exclusive to Meghalaya in the whole world, Baths in waterfalls, mountain streams and cool springs during the rainy season, Swims in Natural Swimming Pools that are rock pools in the river bed down in the valley, Campfires, Adventure Caving, River Canyoning and Camping Out in winter.

It is our earnest desire to provide the right ambience for family holidays in the lap of nature in this abode of clouds.  Come to nature to be soothed and healed, to have great family get-togethers, for soft adventure and for real adventure. Inculcate the spirit of adventure in your children. Help them to appreciate Nature in a place endowed with exceptional natural beauty. The serenity and beauty of this place will overwhelm you. To help you enjoy the natural beauty of the area and to enable you to have better interaction with your family members, only one common TV is provided in the main hall and the rooms are free from TVs.
We have placed direction boards from Cherrapunjee market place onwards till the Resort. The smaller signboards carry our short name Cherra Resort. Cherra Resort, Sohra Resort as some local people call us are the same as Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort.

            Contact Numbers: 094361 15925, 096153 38500

              New Looks given to our Deluxe and Standard Rooms

In our constant endeavour to enrich your living experience at the Resort we have renovated our Deluxe and Standard Rooms. We give here a few latest pictures of the rooms.


                                      How is it here today........

18th April 2014

Today had started with a clear sky. The sun rose to reign over the hills and shone brightly. We had a brief thunder storm last night at about 22:30 hours. The strong winds carried away the clouds further north. Today the warmth is more noticeable and it appears to be building up for the next shower and thunder storm. Severe lightning and thunder accompanied by strong twisting winds that suddenly appear from nowhere is a special weather phenomena during this time of the year. The weather can change dramatically here in no time during this time of the year. Strong winds usually shake off the dead wood and dry leaves off the trees and can deliver large amounts of rains in under one or two hours. They are known as 'Nor'Westers'. It is known as 'Bordoi Sila' in Assamese and 'Kal Baisakhi' in Bengali. The sky is star studded and the moon is strolling across the sky.

The forests are humming with activity. I can feel the sense of satisfaction of the forests after rainfall received from last month onwards after the completion of four months of dry weather. They seem to appreciate what they have received.

Cicadas are singing happily after the rains. They are the audible and unmistakeable appreciators of the arrival of the rainy season. The quiet of the place with the birds hopping from one tree top to the other in the jungle on the slopes of the hill is perfect to sit out in our front lawn to sip your favourite tea or coffee. Some of our elderly guests love to sit out and look out in to the vast expanse of the valley in front of us.

Grass and jungle undergrowth are cladding the hills in eye soothing green. The rainfall received in January 2014 was 0.0 mm and in February 89.2 mm. The average rainfall for February is 66.9 mm. Against the average rainfall of 358.5 mm for March, this March we have received only 65.1 mm. Since last year was a low rainfall year, we hope this year should be getting good rains unless the changing global climatic conditions has something else in store for us.

The flame of the forests trees have shed all the flowers. The branches are now populated with the beans growing in length by the day. The speed at which the beans grow after the flowers fall off to ground is fast. These trees have got lot of energy. The wild chestnut tree flowers have started falling off to the ground covering the ground below the tree in white and yellow petals. The nuts have started forming in the flower stems. They take a long time to mature. This tree has thick foliage and is impressive.

Moths have started showing up as the weather gets warmer. I see beetles too. Stick insects are walking about. Nature is busy and very active now with the warmer days creeping in. For the last one week or so the number of cicades starting to sing had been increasing. The coming of the cicada indicates that rainy days are not far away. Slowly and surely the cicadas start filling the forest with their ringing sound as the rains start. During the monsoon they sing merrily and loudly and the forests get live with insect activity. One cicada inside the house can create ear piercing noise but out in the jungle thousands of them singing just blends in to the monsoon ambience.

The period for harvesting bay leaves is over. You can still see farmers bringing sacks of bay leaves to the buyers with their bar balances in the public areas in the villages. Most of the sacks of bay leaves bought by the local merchants have been sent to Shillong to the wholesalers. This crop, perhaps, gives the most revenue during the year for the farmers here. In our village the farmers are busy tending to their small patches of vegetable garden. They grow cabbage, beet root, carrot, radish, green peas, mustard and tapioca. When you go on walks along these gardens you may be able buy some garden fresh vegetables.

The terrain of the place lends itself to many trekking opportunities around this area. The treks to the Living Root Bridges including that of the Double Decker Root Bridge are very popular with our guests coming from all over the World. Our natural swimming pools are great to be in after a good trek especially when the sun is shining bright. Though the water is cold one can enjoy a swim after a good trek and sun out on the rocks. 

River Canyoning is an ideal sport which tests your physical strength and also builds up the resilience of your body and it is very interesting too. We have a few options in different mountain rivers and are looking at adding more options. If you are good swimmer you would get a choice of swimming pools in some River Canyoning routes. After the rains come River Canyoning becomes out of season and we need to wait for the next dry season. We should be able to take up River Canyoning again from end October.

Caving is another challenging adventure sport that is best done when there is no rain. The water levels recede making the caves accessible. If you want to do a caving expedition, you need to book the caving expedition before hand, since we have to tie up both the guide and equipment. The time for Adventure Caving shall be again in winter, end October onwards. By November the mud in the passages get more drier and make it more comfortable to do caving.

Temperature and Humidity recorded at the Resort on 17th April 2014


Indoor Deg C

Outdoor Deg C

Humidity %









                       River Canyoning Recce 4th November 2013

We had gone on a river canyoning in Umwai river again on the 4th November 2013 and proceeded further from where we had left done on 10th March 2013. We reached up to the edge of the vertical cliff  took bath in the waterfall falling from the cliff edge hundreds of feet above. Water flow in the waterfall was less and hence we could stand under the falls, else one can not stand under these waterfalls. The going became steep and tough as we reached the upper reaches of the river / stream. We had to negotiate many huge boulders. When the boulders were vertical rock faces, we found a way up the river bank navigating through trees standing on very steep slopes and descended back to the river bed to push forward on our trail. On this trip we were four of us Joel, Batskhem, Freddie and myself. I am not able to up load the pictures right away. What you see here is the pictures taken on 10th March 2013. Idea is to introduce new River Canyoning and trekking options for our guests. It was new terrain for us too. I have posted the 10th March pictures in the Picture Gallery under the head River Canyoning March 2013. It was a great experience this time too on 4th November 2013, as it is ever.




Read more about the local weather conditions in 'Current Info' Link in the Home Page.



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