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Market Days

Main Market Days at Cherrapunji (Iewbah, Sohra)

The magic of the market day at Sohra/Cherrapunji is something to be experienced by the discerning tourist. The Big Market Day or Iewbah, as it is called locally takes place only once in 8 days. Villagers from surrounding villages come with their produce and wares to sell & to buy. For the country folks, this is not only a commercial event  but a social one too. Iewbah offers a tourist an opportunity to get a feel of the rural Khasis’ way of life and culture. To read more about the market day click here.




January Feburary


4th Jan 2014 Saturday 5th Feb 2014 Wednesday 1st Mar 2014 Saturday
11th Jan 2014 Saturday 13th Feb 2014 Thursday 8th Mar 2014 Saturday
20th Jan 2014 Monday 21st Feb 2014 Friday 17th Mar 2014 Monday
28th Jan 2014 Tuesday 25th Mar 2014 Tuesday
April May


2nd Apr 2014 Wednesday 3rd May 2014 Saturday 5th Jun 2014 Thursday
10th Apr 2014 Thursday 12th May 2014 Monday 13th Jun 2014 Friday
18th Apr 2014 Friday 20th May 2014 Tuesday 21st Jun 2014 Saturday
26th Apr 2014 Saturday 28th May 2014 Wednesday 28th Jun 2014 Saturday
July August


7th Jul 2014 Monday 8th Aug 2014 Friday 1st Sep 2014 Monday
15th Jul 2014 Tuesday 16th Aug 2014 Saturday 9th Sep 2014 Tuesday
23rd Jul 2014 Wednesday 23rd Aug 2014 Saturday 17th Sep 2014 Wednesday
31st Jul 2014 Thursday 25th Sep 2014 Thursday
October November


3rd Oct 2014 Friday 4th Nov 2014 Tuesday 6th Dec 2014 Saturday
11th Oct 2014 Saturday 12th Nov 2014 Wednesday 13th Dec 2014 Saturday
18th Oct 2014 Saturday 20th Nov 2014 Thursday 22nd Dec 2014 Monday
27th Oct 2014 Monday 28th Nov 2014 Friday 30th Dec 2014 Tuesday



January February


7th Jan 2015 Wednesday 7th Feb 2015 Saturday 4th Mar 2015 Wednesday
15th Jan 2015 Thursday 16th Feb 2015 Monday 12th Mar 2015 Thursday
23rd Jan 2015 Friday 24th Feb 2015 Tuesday 20th Mar 2015 Friday
31st Jan 2015 Saturday 28th Mar 2015 Saturday
April May


4th Apr 2015 Saturday 7th May 2015 Thursday 8th Jun 2015 Monday
13th Apr 2015 Monday 15th May 2015 Friday 16th Jun 2015 Tuesday
21st Apr 2015 Tuesday 23rd May 2015 Saturday 24th Jun 2015 Wednesday
29th Apr 2015 Wednesday 30th May 2015 Saturday
July August


2nd Jul 2015 Thursday 3rd Aug 2015 Monday 4th Sep 2015 Friday
10th Jul 2015 Friday 11th Aug 2015 Tuesday 12th Sep 2015 Saturday
18th Jul 2015 Saturday 19th Aug 2015 Wednesday 19th Sep 2015 Saturday
25th Jul 2015 Saturday 27th Aug 2015 Thursday 28th Sep 2015 Monday
October November


6th Oct 2015 Tuesday 7th Nov 2015 Saturday 1st Dec 2015 Tuesday
14th Oct 2015 Wednesday 14th Nov 2015 Saturday 9th Dec 2015 Wednesday
22nd Oct 2015 Thrusday 23rd Nov 2015 Monday 17th Dec 2015 Thursday
30th Oct 2015 Friday 24th Dec 2015 Friday



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